MoneyMate FAQs

  1. Can MoneyMate be used to pay tuition and fees?
    NO, we recommend that you send tuition and fee payments directly to the address on the invoice you receive from the University.
  2. What are the restrictions on the use of MoneyMate?
    You may not make cash withdrawals from MoneyMate. There are several automated teller machines on campus where students may obtain "spending money" from their personal checking accounts or bank cards.
  3. What if I don't use all of the money in my account this semester?
    No problem. Any unused balance simply carries over to the next semester. If you graduate, withdraw from school, or for some other reason wish to withdraw your balance from the MoneyMate system, you may apply for a refund at the MoneyMate office in 108 Allen Hall.
  4. Will I receive a monthly statement on the status of my MoneyMate account?
    Most of our MoneyMate account holders find that they do not require a monthly statement because, with each transaction the remaining MoneyMate balance is displayed at the register location (and in some cases printed on the receipt). If you would prefer to receive a monthly listing of transactions, contact the Campus Card Office to make arrangements.
  5. How much money should I deposit in MoneyMate?
    The amount of your initial and subsequent deposits in MoneyMate is entirely optional. The ease of making deposits by phone, by mail, or in person allows you to determine your own deposit level based on your individual spending patterns.
  6. How can I get more information about MoneyMate?
    The MoneyMate Office is located in 108 Allen Hall. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call us at 662-325-3387 for more information.